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"...Namita made me real comfortable..."

Namita totally amazed me with the results by  understanding my need for the shoot... and to come out with a theme that resonates with me as a person. Made the shoot go effortless... honestly I was nervous, but Namita made me real comfortable... as this shoot was for my website... but Namita came out with flying colors.. Kudos to you girl... way to go..

Looking forward to see a lot of your work..

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Dr. Preeti Singh

Clinical Psychologist

Founder of Seamless Minds


"...I fell in love with myself after every shoot..."

"When you are happy it shows on your face" Modelling did just the same for me. I loved being clicked but getting a professional photoshoot was a step ahead. After each photoshoot when I saw my pictures, I fell in love with myself a little everyday.

Often labelled as anti-social because of my quiet nature, Namita’s lens gave me the freedom to be social, virtually. It gave me the confidence to feel beautiful from the outside as well.  

Cameras don’t judge people. They don’t give unsolicited advice. And, the best thing that happened to me while modelling for Namita was that I learnt to smile often, jump, twirl, laugh and giggle as the little girl I once was.

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Prachi Mendiratta

Writer/ Poet


"...Namita created magic for me through her camera..."

Photography is a way to capture feelings, moments and much more. Namita, created this magic for me through her camera. Namita, you made me so comfortable during the shoot and I had such a fun day. I am sure your originality and variety of thoughts will take you long way. Wish you all the best.

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Neha Jain

Unit HR Head - Alternate Business,

Max Healthcare.


"...lucky to have found Namita..."

I was fortunate enough to find Namita for photoshoot of my dishes based on Bihari cuisine. She took care of all required details and has great skill to shoot different dishes as required by me. My dishes look great after being photographed by her. Looking forward to work with her again on my future projects.

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Rajni Gupta Anand

Chef and Founder at

Cakery n Cookery Mantra

lavang lata

"...your approach is unique with great sense of lighting and frames"

So glad to work with you and moreover so grateful to know you in person. Your approach is remarkably clean, straightforward and unique with a great sense of lighting and frames. It was officially delight to work with you.

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Aanchal Jain

Fashion Designer

SYLK by Aanchal


"... the passion Namita has was clearly visible during the shooting process..."

It was the best birthday gift my husband gifted me. He gifted me a shoot with Namita this year. 

This was never heard of and I was really nervous for this. But she made me really comfortable during our planning process. The passion Namita has was clearly visible during the shoot and the planning process. Her friendliness helped me being very comfortable during the shoot and I found a friend in her as well.

Wishing her all the best going forward..

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Meenakshi Garg

Teacher by Passion

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