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              ....  I have never felt comfortable with attention

             beyond a point... 


Its a confession I have learnt to make more comfortably over the years. 


Having said that, best place for me has always been behind the camera. Here the attention goes to the subject, where I can focus on bringing out the interesting aspects, angles, curves using light and shadow.

The various textures, colors, contours,  that are so readily available all around us tempt me to capture them. These you will be able to see in my upcoming BLOG.


Here is a collection of my work in Food and Products and some more will follow soon.

I am a Gurgaon based photographer and would be more than happy to understand your requirements for shooting your 

  • Restaurant menu,

  • Cook Book,

  • Products for e-commerce or

  • Products for catalogs,social media etc.


The idea of bringing out the interesting aspect of a subject is always exciting and inviting.


namita garg

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